Helen is now 1 year and 8 months old. Time is running and sometimes I notice that she get's less attention than Neomi got in her age. This is only normal, I guess, for the second kid. On weekends I usually try to get up with something to do for Neomi while Helen is napping. Crafty stuff, Story telling, playing games… But time only with Helen is rare.

Yesterday I decided to do some stamping with them after the day-care. It was the first time I let Helen take part and experiment with paint… should I have done this earlier? She loves to draw with colour-pencils.
Neomi liked the potato-stamps and other things we used for stamping- but Helen was THRILLED! She loved it and could have gone on and on and on… she didn't want to stop. I had to stop her because I had to prepare dinner and could not supervise her anymore (keep her from licking the paint and painting the chair and table….:o).
I will sure do this again soon.


polwig said…
Beautiful, she is growing up so fast.
Darcy said…
the bubble pic is just perfect!

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