a new blog discovery

I discovered the blog "lilla a". If you love crafting with kids- go and check it out. For me it is a huge inspiration!
(Now I just need more time to actually do those things with my girls.... can someone tell me where to buy a time-creating-machine?)

(pictures from the blog of "lilla a"!)


Anne said…
Den Blog kannte ich noch nicht. Super kreativ und einfach zum Nachmachen. Ich guck dann mal weiter.

Petra said…
I love the intense look on your daughters face while watching the snail doing his job. And thank you for the pretty cards you send! Always nice to find real mail (not bills and bank notes) on your doormat when you come home from holiday.
rahel said…
Petra... I will add a note right away- the pictures are from the blog "lilla a"! And you are most welcome for the cards- hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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