some paper stuff

We will soon fly to Switzerland. To make the trip shorter, keep the girls a bit occupied and get them something to remember the holidays I usually make them small journals. I print some pages- colouring pages and other things- and also leave many pages just empty. The girls can draw or glue things inside (post cards, train tickets....)- this time I also want to make some kind of diary with Neomi and write down with her, what we did and what she liked- we'll see how she will cooperate.
I usually just fold the pages in half, sew them together in the middle and sew them to the cover.

Another thing I made last week and ever since Neomi wants to play all the time: pantomime cards. I printed cards with all kinds of different things. One needs to take a card and pantomime- the others need to figure out what is on the card. I took only quite simple things for the beginning.


Petra said…
What a nice idea to make personalized holidaybooks (as we call them). And have fun in Switzerland. We had a little snow last night and according to the weather forecast we will be getting minus sixteen degrees later on this week!
Hiskia said…
those cards are a great idea! hope you'll have a good trip. it's also snowing here (in switzerland) so keep warm :-)

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