The stick-horse I made for Neomi.

Helen in her bird-costume.
Neomi is Pippi Longstocking.

I managed to finish the costumes and the girls could wear them today. We went to visit friends in another kibbutz and joined the Purim-party there. It was a very nice, sunny day and we had lots of fun. Tomorrow and on Monday we have some Purim- celebrations here in our kibbutz and the girls can get dressed up again.
For the ones who are interested to make a stick horse too: I used the tutorial of Hetty. You can find it here.


What a great costumes! The bird costume must have been so much work! Very pretty.
rahel said…
Thanks Petra. It didn't take as much time as I thought to make the bird-costume. But it is also not perfect since it is "only" a costume.
Those are such sweet costumes! I love them both. And that stick horse is awesome! aimee
polwig said…
These costumes are amazing... I especially lov ethe horse. I want one.
rahel said…
Thanks Aimee and Kathy- if you want to make a horse too you can find the tutorial here:
Hiskia said…
great job, they look so cute!!
Anonymous said…
Hallo! Mein Name ist Helen, ich wirklich Ponralis′ Ihre Spielzeug, schöne arbeiten. Sorry, aber ich verstehe schlecht Deutsch. Ich, ich mache auch Puppen. Hier ist mein Blog . Let 's be Friends?

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