tu b'shvat

I was sick for a few days but now I am up and running again.
Yesterday we celebrated "Tu B'Shvat" in the kibbutz. On this holiday new trees are planted. Every year another spot around the kibbutz is chosen and everyone is comming to plant new trees. Some (like us) make small signs with the names of the kids or with the family name and like this you can always come back and check how much "your" tree already grew.

This year we planted olive- and palm-trees.
Traditionally we also get to bake pitas (flat bread) an eat them with chocolate-spread or labane (a kind of soft yoghurt-cheese).

Neomi rolling out her pita

baking the pitas

You can find my recipe for pita here.


kathy said…
How cool !!! I want to make pitas... look so easy and fun with kids... Can I get the recipe?
Trula said…
I would love to make some pitas, too. Outside. This has to be wonderful.

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