stones and thorns cover the ground.

ancient sites- so old.

it's difficult to imagine

that people walked here, laughed here,

fought here and loved here

thousands of years ago.

We spent a weekend in the Golan Heights. On Friday we went for a short hike in "Gamla". It was terribly windy and chilly. There are over 700 dolmen (believed to be graves) in this area. They are over 4,000 years old.
There's also the ancient city of Gamla- dated back to biblical times.
More pictures from the trip will follow.
(just noted- gamla means old in swedish ... how fitting!)


These pictures also look so old. How did you do that?
Camilla~ Bloom said…
I was just going to say that- Gamla means old in Norwegian!
Rahel these images speak volumes. SO filled with history- you are so lucky and I feel so lucky that you are sharing them...incredible.
Love you processing- fits the images so well.
Have a wonderful Monday!
rahel said…
Petra: I took the pictures in sepia and then I used photoshop... I am still a beginner, but it's fun. Lil Blue Boo has some freebies for photoshop that are quite nice.

Camilla: Thanks for the compliment! Comming from such a wonderful artist like you, that means a lot! Have a nice day too.
rahel said…
Petra: It was through Lil Blue Boo I found the freebies- but they are from "Paint the moon"!
polwig said…
Beautiful pictures, beautiful place.
Stan Moore said…
I was interested in possibly using a couple of your Gamla pics in my documentary. I can be emailed at:

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