who is the king?

In Switzerland we celebrate on the 6th of january the "Three Kings Day". The three kings being the 3 wise men that came to visit baby Jesus. On this day we eat a special yeast-cake with rasins. Someweher in this cake a small plastic-king is hidden and the one who finds him in his piece is the king for the day and gets the crown.
My parents are here for a visit and my mother made the cake together with Neomi. Instead of a plastic-king we hid an almond and we made a nice crown ourselfs.


That crown will only fit on both your daughters heads. Coincidence? Enjoy THE time with your family. It must be nice to have your parents around!
rahel said…
Oh- it's always great to have my parents around. Of course we made two crowns- one for each of the girls :-)

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