Since quite a while I dream of opening a shop on etsy, of sewing and drawing more and try to sell some things. I wanted to start now and have enough stuff together by spring.

But in the last days I had a lot of thoughts and finally had to tell myself that the best would be to postpone this dream.
I would love to get started- but besides my job, being a mother and wife there's not much time.

It is important to me to spend as much time as possible with my girls- at least as long as they are still small and still want to spend time with me ;o)

I love to play with them, to be with them, to cook for them, to bake with them, to tell them stories and be outside with them. I love to discover the world anew through their eyes and I just wish I could be with them more.
I also like lazy evenings with my husband and reading and making things for my family.

So I decided to set aside my plans and use my free time

to sew pretty things for my girls,

create things for my family and friends,

to bake delicious cakes :o)

to watch the stars


I guess right now all this is much more important.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog.


Liebe Rahel, Deinen "Konflikt" kenne ich nur allzu gut ;-) Wollte immer gerne neben der Arbeit selbständig sein - hab dann ein Online-Stoffgeschäft mit einer damaligen Freundin gegründet und bin dann aber drauf gekommen, dass ich lieber nähe und häkle in meiner Freizeit als mich um ein Geschäft zu kümmern ;-)
Alles Liebe!
Making a decision is always a good thing! I wish I could taste your cakes ...
Camilla~ Bloom said…
I can't agree with you more.
Many times I feel torn, not good enough mom, not good enough spinner- it really is a push and pull thing...trying to get a balance.
When my children were little I knew those moments where so very specila and soon to pass and being with them was the most important thing in the world to me.

Now that they are's alittle easier to slip away for a while and work on things. Rahel, you will know it's time...the right time, I think you are smart to savor the moments.
...and your children love you for that.
rahel said…
Thank you all for those nice comments! And if you want to taste from the cakes- you are welcome to step by :o)
polwig said…
I think it is a mom problem to feel torn. You can start an etsy store at any time but you will never get time back and they grow up way too fast.

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