a bit of history, part 4

The Dance-Festival

On the west side of the Kibbutz there's old Amphitheater.
Well- it is not that old but years of neglect show their signs and it looks rather old. What a shame- because this was the site of the famous dance-festivals in the early days of Israel.

1st dance festival 1944- in the "Khan"
The first dance-festival was held in 1944.  It  took place in the "Khan". As you can see in the picture the site still exists- but what a change- so much greenery now where there was only dust and rocks. We still celebrate some holidays there.
Shavuot- celebration 2010 on the site of the "Khan"
Later they built the Amphitheater and the dance-festivals were held there.
The folk-dance festival was very popular and at one point 25'000 visitors turned up and stayed for 3 days in a huge tent-city. What a huge amount of people! What an experience this must have been!

Up to the year 1968 there were dance-festivals held in the Kibbutz. It would be great to revive this…
Even today folk-dancing is something we do on holidays.

Dance Festival 1958
The audience- 1951


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Petra said…
Great pictures from the girls and boys in 1944.

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