something creative

I made much less than I wanted over the Passover-holidays. I managed to sew a simple T-Shirt for Neomi from an old T-Shirt of mine (I have no picture of it so far) and I managed to finish one of the new cushion-covers.

My husband is busy with wood-working. The newest project is a small push-wagon. We have already a small one but the girls always fight about it. So now they will have two... and can fight about who gets which one :o)

Helen with the old push-wagon and her doll (my old doll made by my aunt approx. 30 years ago).
Today is a day when already in the early morning you can feel that is going to be a digusting day. Already hot and with a very dry desert wind from the east and a grey-yellow sky. It's going to be very hot, very dry and very dusty...


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