upcycled skirt

I had an old tunic I almost never wore- so I made some changes and turned the tunic into a dress for Neomi. She loves twirly skirts and dresses. The first thing she usually asks about a skirt/ dress: "does it twirl good?".

We have lovely weather today. Windy, with few drops of rain here and there but not cold and the sun shines from time to time. I enjoy it as long as I can- the summer will be terribly long as always.
There will be the "spring run" this afternoon in the Kibbutz. The grown-ups can choose between 5 and 10 kilometer running. We will participate in the "family-run"- that one is only 800m long- just fine for Neomi- and I will push Helen in her stroller.


lulu and family said…
you are my kind of sewer--making new pretties out from what you have handy. those twirly dresses for girls are a must!=)

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