hot and dry

A hot and dry weekend behind us and the Passover holiday ahead of us.
We worked a lot in the garden in the last days. The girls digged in the dirt, helped to plant new flowers  and played mainly nicely for themselfs.
Yesterday in the morning- as the heat was still bearable- we went for a bike ride to the stables and ate some strawberries in the shadow of the trees. Helen loves horses- she did not want to leave. On the way back we stopped to inspect the old and new tractors and other machines. Both of the girls love this and I love taking pictures of those old things.

It's supposed to cool down today and I really hope so- I can't stand this hot and dry weather and in addition I suffer from hayfever and an annoying cold.
I hope the week of Passover will be a bit colder.


Liebe Rahel, so ein tolles Wetter!!! Ich freu mich schon soooo, wenn es bei uns endlich wieder so richtig warm wird!!! Ein schönes Restwochenende noch! Alles Liebe! Eri

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