I am working on the wedding-invitation for my little sister. She will get married in September.

It is a lovely day! Sunny but not hot. Nice to sit in the sun. My husband is working on a wooden box for the toys. Neomi is digging in the dirt and Helen is still napping.

We have almost two weeks without TV behind us. Instead we are trying to be more creative, read more or just talk and drink tea. I grew up without TV and only when I moved together with my husband I noticed how much time a TV is really eating away. We never watched a lot- anyway only in the evening when the kids are in bed- but too many times we just watched stupid things. I love a good movie once in a while but I am perfectly happy without watching TV....


Darcy said…
We're trying to eliminate TV too. We moved our TV from the living room to the basement and we went from watching it everyday to only watching it 2-3 times a week at most. I totally agree, it's nice to watch sometimes but it becomes depressing when you realize you burned up so much time that way.

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