a stroll in the Wadi

The second weekend in a row it was rainy and it looks like the next one will turn out the same. But this being Israel there are always sunny moments so we went for a stroll in the Wadi with the gummboots and enjoyed the fresh green grass, the first flowers and the running water. I went home earlier with my mother and Helen to prepare fresh Pita for lunch at home. Neomi, my husband and my father went on and Neomi was so tired from this long walk that she just fell asleep on the sofa (something that usually does not happen to her).

Today we have such wonderful weather. After the rain the air is fresh and cool and averthing is shiny in the sunlight. The sky is very blue with huge, white, fluffy clouds- to me they look almost like snow-covered mountains (and I do miss those ones a lot!).
How I wish I could be outside instead of being at work...


Hallo Rahel,
Du wohnst in einem Kibbutz?
Da ich sehr neugierig bin und 1995 (lange her) mal eine Freundin in Israel (aus Be'er Sheva) besucht habe, die nur kurz in einem Kibbutz gelebt hat, werde ich gerne wieder bei dir vorbeischauen. Ich weiß eigentlich nicht wirklich, wie ein Kibbutz organisiert ist. Ganz liebe Grüße
aus Bayern
Camilla~ Bloom said…
Loving your sweet images of your girls...and the flower, how I wish for sunshine and a little rain. I watched a show on TV last night about Jerusalem...what a magical city, so much history and cuture. Definitly is on my travel wishlist.
Have a wonderful week.
rahel said…
Melanie: Die Organisation eines Kibbutz zu erklaeren, wuerde wohl einige Seiten fuellen. Es waere eine gute Idee, immer wieder ein wenig darueber zu schreiben- das interessiert bestimmt nicht nur dich.

Camilla: Jerusalem is the most fascinating city I've ever seen. Even now, after many visits I still feel how special this city is. I could not live there but it is definitaly worth visiting.
And let me know if you will even come to Israel- it would be great to meet you!

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