back home again

Since Tuesday we are back home again. And finally I get my hands on the computer- trying to sort out all the pictures we made, checking all my personal e-mails and reading all the posts on other blogs I missed...

So we are back after 2 weeks enjoying my family and the luxury of:
  • a warm and nicely tiled bathroom that is not flooded after taking a shower

  • a roomy kitchen with light in the right places and a dish-washer

  • warm rooms heated with a central heating system and -even better- cozy fires

  • having always someone around to help with the girls

  • sleeping a little bit longer in the mornings (well... maybe 20 minutes more)

  • fresh, clean, cold air

  • 2 days skiing

  • eating good cheese and bread

But it is also nice to be back home- to go outside without having to wear thick jackets and hats and mittens and shawls. The garden is full of anemones and everything is so green. To come back to a much younger society and much more relaxed people (although generally ruder) is also nice.

Helen seems so big now- she walks alone to wherever she pleases, understands everything I say and babbles a lot.

Neomi is using more Swiss-german words and was happy to see her friends again and she loves the book I bought her: Pippi Langstrumpf (Pippi Longstocking). Astrid Lindgren was such a gifted writer.

Now we already have weekend again- just perfect! :o)


Sounds like a good time! Nice to have you back here though. Pretty pictures (you and I share the same hat, what a coincidence.)
rahel said…
It's a kind of dark violet hut from "barts". I love huts but don't have much chances to wear any- too warm here.

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