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This is the present I got from my daughter for my birthday. She is more into abstract painting but for me she drew a girl :o)

I wanted to make some nice cheese-cake-muffins I saw here.
But then I can never really figure out what kind of white cheese I need to take here- so I ended up with something salty. In the end I had to improvise and it turned out quite okay. I will have to try the real thing another time.

Birthday is always a bit a hard day since I am here in Israel. One of two days in the year (the other one being Christmas) I miss my family in Switzerland more than usual and I can get quite sentimental about it.
So I wish myself a happy birthday and hope it will pass okay...


Dear Rahel, herzliche Glückwünsche zu deinem Geburtsdag! I can imagine how much you miss your family, but having a sweet little artist (or two) around who draws you pretty girls, helps a bit, maybe. Have a nice day!
Ulla V. said…
A very happy birthday to you, Rahel. I hope that you get to be birthday-spoiled the whole day. :))
It must be hard to be away from the rest of your family on a day like this, so I totally understand that you fell a bit sad as well.

I'm sure that your family miss you even more today, and that they keep you in mind all day long.

You got such a lovely gift from your daughter. A wonderful girl she drew. I just love getting gifts from my children.

Have a lovely day - I send you a big birthday hug here from Denmark. :))
Camilla~ Bloom said…
Gratulerer med dagen! Happiest birthday- it's your special day no matter where you are Rahel ( but I know how you feel) I hope you had a beautiful day...and by the looks of that lovely drawing I know you probably did.
xo from Montana
polwig said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Your daughter is so talented just like you are... I hope you have a wonderful day and forget about not being in Switzerland.
Darcy said…
Happy Birthday! (late) Your daughter's drawings look almost exactly like my daughter's. Good to meet you!

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