sunny saturday

garden full of anemones

Our garden is covered with anemones- it's so beautiful. And this weekend was so warm and sunny that we were mostly outside. We finally managed to get our new compost started- it was so annoying to not have one- especially because we eat a great deal of vegetables and fruits.

Today we went for a walk through the fields, we made a fire and collected "zuta" (white micromeria) for tea. It is so beautiful now that everything is green and covered with flowers- I can't get enough of it.

I started to sew a costume for Neomi for "Purim". Purim is the holiday of Esther- the story from the bible and everyone- especially the kids- dress up. Neomi want's to be Pippi Longstocking (and also a dwarf and a butterfly and a bunny and ....).

our lazy cat sleeping on my new magazine...


Margit Rosenaa said…
It looks great - the sun was here to day in Denmark. But this place you have is wonderful


creative tail
Camilla~ Bloom said…
Such pretty and rich colors...I long for warmer days.

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