During those days with all those terrible news I feel that it is also very important to be happy about all the nice and wonderful things in the world, to feel gratitude for all the good things we are blessed with!
I dug out a lovely book my husband gave me years ago to my birthday shortly after we met.
It is a lovely handcrafted book. I keep there some precious things- like some early pictures of the two of us, some letters from the beginning of our relationship. I also started to use the book to write down all the wonderful things that make me happy- small notes that make me smile even after years passed.
Somehow I stopped but now I want to start again.

So here some of the wonderful things from yesterday:

- the first sweet smell of lemon-blossom

- the smell of freshly cut grass in the sunshine

- the wonderful pink blossom on some trees

- the happy face of Helen- smeared all over with chocolate-spread while baking pita over the fire

- reading Pippi Longstocking to Neomi before she went to sleep

I am so grateful that we have everything we need- food, a warm place to sleep, clothes, water to drink and wash... and most of all- that we have eachother and that we are healthy!


You're so right! I think it's a very intriguing picture...
Camilla~ Bloom said…
Couldn't agree with you more.
polwig said…
It is so easy to get flustered and angry about the small things in life that really do not matter at all. Unfortunately it is a shift or disaster which makes us appreciate the things that are most important, or the Only important things.

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