a weekend in the big city

My husband and I spent two nights in the "big city". It was a weekend with the company he's working for but we were basically free to do whatever we wanted. So we enjoyed the beach of Tel Aviv, the markets and shops and just some time without the girls.
I found two very nice shops with wonderful furniture and stuff for the house... Now I only need to win in the lottery and also move to a bigger place ;o)
One shop is called "Nedunya"- situated on Ben Yehuda Street (french country kitchen supply- antiques) and the other one is called "Gavriel" in the Neve Zedek neighborhood (new things but with a vintage flair to it).
Tel Aviv is a great city...


When we came home yesterday at lunch time we worked in our garden. We got last year a big pool (2.40m diameter!) and our garden is not really even. So this summer we want a place that is even- otherwise the water in the pool is always deeper on one side. We started to put big stones and level out the ground in one place. The girls loved to help digging and playing with the dirt. My husband hung a tire on the tree for the girls to play with. Next weekend we will have to work some more in the garden.


Camilla~ Bloom said…
As much as I love the country...I miss the city life too. We have no "big" cities around for miles where I live...
It must be fun to go spend a day and be inspired(Love the shop posted) ...but then again come home to the green grass, tire swing and good old dirt!(your daughter is a ray of sunshine, beautiful!)
polwig said…
How fun... I love stores like the ones in the picture..
Sounds like a lot of fun, Rahel. We live on less than half an our drive from Amsterdam, and although I've lived there for more than 10 years, I almost never visit it.
rahel said…
I could never live in the city but I grew up close to one and I miss to just go whenever I feel like. I enjoy very much to spend some time stroling around the city but I am also happy to go back home to the country side...
Hallo Rahel,
Tel Aviv hab ich noch gut in Erinnerung! Als wir 1995 in Israel waren, waren wir natürlich auch dort. So große Städte sind auch nichts für mich. Ich leb lieber auf dem Land!
Liebe Grüße

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